SCANcube / SCANcube III scanhead solutions

SCANcube is the most compact series of all SCANLAB scan heads. Despite their diminutive volume, these scan systems deliver high dynamics along with the best price/performance ratio.

The SCANcube III series impresses with further improved dynamics and precision

Please visit below url for datashaeet:

SCANcube / SCANcube III datasheet


Key Features
• Compact & lightweight design
• Robust, sealed housing
• High dynamic performance
• Large selection of mirror coatings

Typical Applications
• Marking tasks
• Semiconductor-industry materials processing
• Microstructuring
• Processing-on-the-fly

Mirror aperture supports up to 14mm
• SCANcube Standard – 7mm / 8.5mm / 10mm / 14mm
• SCANcube III Standard – 10mm / 14mm

Available wavelengths and max. handling power:
• Max. Handling power : Avg. power 250w max.
• Avaiable wavelengths support : 355nm / 532nm / 1064nm / 10.6um, please consult if special wavelength reuired




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